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what's cooler than being cool?

ready to make some magic?

Your digital faux pas and branding blunders are now a thing of the past. EhJ Digital is a one-woman full-service digital agency, web design hub and content creation factory with the goal of making you look a little bit cooler than you did before.

Good things are coming, so let’s make it happen.

You rock, but please change

and who am i?

My name is Andie – a child of the internet with a passion for all things digital.

In 2012, I started a photography business during high school. This small (yet, vital) step became the first of many I would take into the industry of visual identity and the internet. 

Over the last 9 years, I have since combined my creative skills with a Public Relations degree and expanded into an array of other domains like web design, marketing, social media management, content creation & branding.

EHJ Digital Andie Johnston

I’ve worked with fashion brands, finance companies, energy start-ups, influencers, non-profits, established resource corporations, fitness studios, government agencies and more. Each with a different purpose, but the same goal; to be heard. 

Let me help you make some noise. 

we need to talk

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